2 PACK Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, vanilla extract, white distilled vinegar

2 PACK Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, vanilla extract, white distilled vinegar

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The rich, velvet texture of these cupcakes is sure to make you feel like a true redhead. Topped withcream cheese frosting and gold sugar pears for that extra crunch in every bite!

Red velvet cupcakes are usually associated with Valentine’s Day, but not this year. These Red Velvet Oreo Cupcakes take the classic flavor of these delicious treats and make them even more special by adding an entire pack o' cookie dough in every bite! Topped off beautifully with cream cheese frosting that has been intricately designed to look just like heavy baker's clay hair (or should we say "Cream Cheese Frostingu"), you'll never want another type after trying these babies out - promise!!!

I'm so excited to share this next recipe with you! It's for the pipeable cream cheese frosting that tops our cupcakes. You know how I stumble upon some magical thing and just haveta tell everyone about it? Yeah, well this time my discovery was especially amazing because not only does it taste good but also looks stunning on top of your favorite dessert recipes too- like cookie dough or brownie sundaes (their ideas).

The perfect blend of sweet and salty, these Oreo cupcakes take on a traditional red velvet flavor but are topped off with an extra boost from the beloved cookie!

Oreos and red velvet cake? Yes, please! I was not a fan of either but when they are combined in this sweet treat it’s like something special. The cream cheese frosting is light enough to be enjoyed by itself or on top of your favorite ice cream dish too so don't limit yourself just because you thinkWrite destress meal ideas become binges - these cupcakes will make any day better."

The cupcake liners are Gold Bake Bright from Sweets & Treats Boutique. They make these delicious-looking sweets even more appetizing, don't you think? When I moved to Virginia after college graduation last year, it felt like all of my old friends were gone forever - until one day when this package arrived on our doorstep! It turns out they're only halfway across town at their shop near UVA's campus; we met up with them soon afterwards and now have new baking supplies every month or two shipments thanks again guys!!!

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