Central Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Cleaning, Convenient, Quiet, Fast, Compact and Effective Vacuuming

Central Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Cleaning, Convenient, Quiet, Fast, Compact and Effective Vacuuming

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  • - The dust collected by the robot is automatically emptied into the central vacuum cleaner system, which is controlled by a smart phone.
  • - This combination of central vacuum cleaners with a robotic vacuum cleaner brings truly intelligent and all-round effective cleaning.
  • - The advantages of the ROBO vacuum cleaner also include the possibility through a dedicated application to control the work of the machine remotely.
  • - And also setting a plan cleaning, adjust the suction power, enable, schedule or disable various functions.
  • - The exclusive self-cleaning system is also a strong point of the robot-central combination - it not only reliably and safely removes everything we vacuum, but also takes care of its own equipment.
  • - During the self-cleaning cycle, the rotating brush is cleaned with micro-rotations that reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt to an absolute minimum.

The ROBO vacuum cleaner is a new and innovative way to clean your home. It is a robotic vacuum cleaner that works in conjunction with a central vacuum system. The advantages of this combination are that it is highly efficient, quiet, and easy to use. The robot can be controlled remotely via an app, and it has a self-cleaning system that makes it virtually maintenance-free. This vacuum cleaner is definitely a great option for anyone looking for a smart and effective way to keep their home clean.

home without allergens
silent vacuuming
100% efficiency
the entire system from CZK 25,000
piping from 5,000 CZK
complete set from 20,000 CZK

Thanks to the central vacuum cleaner, the interior of every house is kept perfectly clean. This is no longer a priority, but a matter of course. However, in the case of Electrolux and BEAM central vacuum cleaners, their use is supported by other exceptionalities. Primarily the ability to eliminate allergens verified by clinical research. The central vacuum cleaner in this presentation therefore also demonstrably acts as a health aid! As part of the famous consideration of efficiency, related to the ratio between the purchase price and the results achieved, the central vacuum cleaner stands out quite exceptionally. It is generally stated that, in the case of its installation, the builder invests only one hundredth of the total budget of the newly purchased family house. And for this he receives quality that, compared to other comparable technologies, equipping a family house beyond the ordinary scope, will stand up with a great overview. Dust and dirt in the filter of the central vacuum cleaner - unlike conventional vacuum cleaners - do not circulate. The central vacuum cleaner elegantly solves the fundamental weakness of the traditional vacuum cleaner - the constant, more or less intense swirling of dust. This is because the pipe sends the polluted air outside the area in which it is being cleaned.

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