Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris

Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris

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The protagonist of "The Dead Side," Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress who works at Fangtasia, the bar where she has recently become part owner. 

In book one on her journey to find out what happened after being hit by lightning and spending two weeks in hospital (from which we learn that not only does this lady have some seriousAMP proportioN), but also managed survive thanks only too an ampersand-shaped rock called Claviel Dor - otherwise known as The Stone Of PainfulTruth

The novel begins with Sookie's relationship suddenly cooling off her lover Eric Northman. Meanwhile, he has been negotiating a marriage between himself and another vampire without consent from either party but is required due to vampire practices that have been passed down through generations since their inception in order for them not break any laws or rules set forth by daylight survivors after being exposed on what was known as "The Night Of The Long Knives". As time progresses throughout this story you will see how things develop until everything comes full circle where we are left wondering whether there could ever actually be peace within these two warring species who want nothing more than each others' blood upon

Sookie is sent to prison for her friend's murder. She soon has additional problems when Arlene, who used to be a co-worker and friend of hers until she was freed from prison by an organization that opposed all supernaturals including humans like Sookies' SUV partner Bill Compton who had indulged in some inappropriate behavior with them at one point but he doesn't seem too guilty since it happened many years ago before they became partners so I don’t think this should reflect badly on him because there are plenty more fish in the sea right? Anyway while everyone else seems pretty happy about getting their old jobs back plus gaining some new ones along these lines comes up trumps

When Sookie arrives at Merlotte's, she runs into Sam and instantly feels attracted to him. The two end up having sex for the first time which is a fantastic experience but also very mutual- both being eager in this new development while understanding it can't happen again just yet given their delicate relationship situation with Bill still looming over them all . Afterward, when asked by his cousin if they should be seeing more of each other considering how well things went between himself an co.,

Later that week, Sookie and company head to Stomping Sally's so she can dance with friends. She is kidnapped by Johan Glassport and Steve Newlin but fights back when they try abducting her in their van - driving through country roads while managing an angry fight between both sides before Claude swerves off course into corn fields where he crashes after being shot dead by someone hidden among crowds following close behind them trying desperately save what remained of one life only: his own partner’s daughter who had become everything important again just moments ago thanks too many kindnesses shown during this time period 

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