Easy Hikes Around Lake Arrowhead, travel guide by Mike Harris

Easy Hikes Around Lake Arrowhead, travel guide by Mike Harris

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It's a rental home, but it feels like your own. You can drive less than two hours from Los Angeles or Orange County to find yourself in this serene forest with breath-taking views that make you forget about all of life’s stresses - especially when they are melting away together on these picturesque lakes!

Travel writer and hiking enthusiast Mike Harris has put together an easy-to-follow guide for you to discover some of his favorite trails around Lake Arrowhead. He takes the reader on a journey through famous heart rock, explores national children's forest interpretive trail with its Sites where ancient cliff dwellings once stood among other things; sees geological wonders such as giants sequoias or dogwoods at Heaps Peak Arboretum Trail that are sure not only be impressive but inspirational too!

Hike with your kids, grandkids or alone on Easy Hikes Around Lake Arrowhead. If you are looking for an easy outing that doesn't require much commitment then this is the perfect book! It also includes information about other attractions around town so there's no need to get bored while hiking-profit if it rains!"

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