Games Creatures Play - A Collection of New Paranormal Sports Stories

Games Creatures Play - A Collection of New Paranormal Sports Stories

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You might think you know everything about the “paranormal,” but this book will change your mind. These fourteen authors have written thrilling plays that are perfect for any sports fan who wants their team to win—in more ways than one!

In #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris’s The Blue Hereafter, Manfred Bernardo learns about softball from a certain blond barmaid in Louisiana. Life-and death stakes make the competition get serious and Winner Take All!

What if you could switch bodies with someone else? This is the question that #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson poses in his latest novel, “Dreamer.” A game of cops and robbers becomes an even more difficult challenge when players are able to take on different personalities while playing--and it doesn't stop there! In Laura Lippman's "Ice," we follow a young girl who learns about what has long been considered just storytelling around these parts: The truth behind this local folklore will surprise everyone... including ourselves

"Scott Sigler’s The Case of the Haunted Safeway is an entertaining mix between urban fantasy and baseball. A New York Times bestselling author, Scott brings his own style to this book with ghost stories that will have you on edge through much of it!

If you love a good mystery, be sure to check out Toni L.P.'s latest novel! It's set in present day with an unlikely duo who must solve the most notorious murder of all time:thropic bridge player and Harvard dropout Orville Wright? The DVD supplement includes fascinating bonus features that explore how this historic event has been interpreted through history--from newspapers at the time leading up until today what people believed happened behind closed doors while also looking into some potential suspects/ motives along these lines...

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