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How the penis pump works and its benefits

A penis pump, also called ED Pump, is a vacuum pump used by a person who has erectile dysfunction ed to assist the penis to get hard and stay stiff for penetrating intercourse, and sexual pleasure. It is made of an elastic-plastic tube that allows your penis to fit in, a cock ring that fits at the base of the penis that will enable you to maintain an erection, and a pump attached to the rear end of the tube. You can use two types: the manual pump and the electrical penis pump. They use either water and air for functioning.

To use it, insert your penis (any penis size) into the plastic tube. It will create a vacuum of different air pressures in it, and so it sucks blood into the penis, producing an erection. Once erected, slide the constriction band to the base of the penis using some lubrication, and then remove the pump carefully. This procedure takes only a little of your time.

Benefits of using a penis pump

1. This device is effective for creating an erection for you. The duration of erection depends on the user, but it enables you to be erected for 30 minutes. Some people use it before foreplay, while others before sex. It allows you to improve your sex life; functioning, and the strength of the erection. It means that your life will balance because you will avoid stress, get enough sleep and avoid drug abuse. 2. It does not require surgery. Using this pump will mean that there is no cutting for penile implants. Do you fear the whole process of surgery? Well, this is the best option for you. 3. This pump is inexpensive compared to using other types of medication for ed treatment. You also use it over a long period without incurring any periodic expenditures. 4. It is essential because it is considered adequate after processes such as prostatectomy or radiotherapy for prostate cancer. It is also seen to be safe because it does not have carry-over effects that may come after ED medications. 5. You can also use a penis pump alongside other ed treatment options and pills such as Viagra without causing any hazards. When the use of this device is prolonged, it may enable you to retrieve your ability of obtaining erections naturally.

How to use a penis pump for maximum results?

  • Reading the manual before use. It is always important to follow the manufacturer's direction for you to use this product effectively. This will help you avoid any injury associated with using the pump for the wrong purpose.
  • Ensure you have shaved your pubic hair. A bushy genital will always kill your mood for sex. In this case, shaving will ensure that the cock ring does not catch hairs. Shaved genital also enables the vacuum device to be airtight.
  • Lubrication. Lubricate the shaft of your penis and its base and the base of the cylinder using your hand. It will create an airtight seal and ease sliding the tension ring to and fro.
  • Ensuring that you remove the ring after 30 minutes. This constriction ring usually cuts off the blood flow to your penile blood vessels, and so if it is left for long, it may cause some damage. Thirty minutes is the standard time that has been proven to be effective for this process.

Tips for using a penis pump safely and effectively

Penis pumps are readily available for purchase, and you may need to consider the following points as safety and effectiveness measures before choosing to use one.

  • 1. Choose a pump with a vacuum limiter. It will make sure you don't apply extra force while pumping. Forceful pumping may injure the penis.
  • 2. You should consult a doctor who will advise you on whether or how to use this product after checking if you have underlying medical conditions that may have caused erectile dysfunction.
  • 3. You should use a constriction ring that is not too tight as it may be uncomfortable. On the other hand, a very loose constriction ring will not allow the pump to serve its purpose.
  • 4. Don't use the penis pump for penis enlargement. It may result in injury due to ineffective use.
  • 5. If there is any other problem, consider getting in touch with the product manufacturers for assistance.