Rabbit Vibrator

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Classic Rabbit 10 Vibrating Modes Vibrator Rabbit Toy for Women
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Purple Bunny Vibrator with 10 Vibrating Mode Adult Female Vibrating Rabbit Toy
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Cheap Pink Bunny Vibrator Girl Using Rabbit Vibe Sex Toy Powerful Anal Dildo
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Rabbit Vibrator is popularized because of the TV series, Sex and the City. Samantha, one of the characters, praises its functions in front of her friends. It has become a social phenomenon and is significantly leading a new trend: provide women with a cautiously designed sex toy. It is such an outstanding toy with many new aesthetics features, which indicates a unique quality different from any other toys in the traditional market. The naming of this sex toy was based on its appearance: In fact, it has two rabbit-like "ears" which are designed to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris. In addition, it also has two small "tentacles" at the top of the arm, which are similar to the rabbit ears.

Why do you buy our Rabbit Vibrator?

Whether being used personally or being shared with your sex mate or any other, this sex toy can stimulate...

The design of the "mouth": This part has ornamental carvings at the bottom. You can put it into the vagina and it can help to stimulate the introitus which is quite acceptable by most women. If the artificial rubber cock contains metal balls inside, it can help with the sexual arousal and shows the characteristics of the whole process of the sex activities, including its fading moments.
The vagina: The slight curving bottom part is rotatable. It can help to develop more pleasure, including the organic excitement of G-spot.
The clitoris: There are one or two "air wires" at the bottom of the toy. They can help to stimulate the clitoris. Some models have the pressure-stimulating function of non-contact waves.
The anus:Some models of our Rabbit Vibrator have an extra design which can stimulate the anus and thus satisfy your desire.

Our Rabbit Vibrator can stimulate different erogenous zones at the same time or individually. You can use the buttons on the handle to program each function. As for those which can connect the smart phones, you can even program the functions with your phone. The vibration intensity and speed can be adjusted according to your own sensitivity and desire. Our Rabbit Vibrator can offer you multiple combinations of different functions, which can help you to reshape and develop new senses and feelings. Also, your last settings can be stored in the "brain" of the toy automatically. This practical function can help you enjoy another ride without having to reprogram next time. At last, the many vibration sections can be used individually as you wish.

A well-designed sex toy:

This beautiful toy has elegant and harmonious curving lines. You can put them on your bedside table. The matte surface has various of colors, such as pink, black, purple, white and mauve. If you are after fashionable designs, we can also provide you a Rabbit Vibrator with a shining festival coating. Our Rabbit Vibrator has an easy-to-use, ergonomic handle. You can handle it in a very comfortable way and adjust your movements precisely. Most of our sex toys are waterproof thus can be used safely during your shower. Usually, our Rabbit Vibrator can be charged by means of USB. Some models even have a charging indicator. So, you can enjoy yourself with no fear of being discovered. Some models are battery-powered, and some newly designed models also have a small bag and a lock function in case of operations by mistake.

The material and some suggestions:

The toy is made of silicone rubber, and it is hypoallergenic and very comfortable to touch. We assure that there is no phthalate related to those plastic products which is harmful to the body. The ABS material is durable and clean. There is usually a soft coating. The surface of the inexpensive toy is smooth and resilient. Some cleaning suggestions: You'd better clean the Rabbit Vibrator before and after use each time, and some sexual lubricant oil is recommended to acquire the strongest pleasure.