Rose Vibrators

Rose Vibrator Review

Are you a woman who needs to change into another sex toy for a new experience? Perhaps you have been looking for the best clitoris vibrator for a long time to meet your sexual needs. Worry no more! The Rose Vibrator got your back. So why invest your money into a Rose vibrator? Following review pointers will guide you along.

Adjustable Pistil Vibration

The sucking vibrator gradually changes your previous in-body sex play experience. The feeling creates intense orgasms leading to a higher level of sexual experiences. With the sucking function in this erotic toy, the pistil uses air, vibration, and suction to stimulate your clitoris.

The rose vibrator has a nozzle at the top to penetrate your clitoris. Its center can suck your clitoris to create seven different rose vibration patterns according to the intensity needed. Therefore, you can adjust the vibration insist from a lower to a higher level.


With the unique rose shape, you can be gifted this rose sex toy to your friend or sex partner. The presentability is highly noticeable.

Variety of Colors

The Rose vibrator comes in different colors that you can choose from. They include:

1. Pink

The pink color brings a unique feeling of cuteness, warmth, tenderness, youthful, lively, romantic, and happiness.

2. Red

The red color creates more enthusiasm, publicity, and excitement, although a red vibrating rose can easily get you emotional fluctuations.

3. Purple

Purple color has different significances from cuteness, dreamy, noble to elegant. A purple rotating airflow vibrator also represents extraordinary sexual ranks. Many people prefer lavender due to its pleasant feeling.

4. Black

Your mysterious and ruthless rose vibration can be well represented with the black rose vibrator.

5. Yellow

A yellow rose vibrator signifies warmth, brilliance, and noble. In addition, it symbolizes your power and wealth, which proves your pride.

6. Light blue

A light blue rose vibrator can represent your innocence and purity. Not forgetting your peace and stability.

7. Dark blue

This last color signifies your feminist level and sweetness. The deeper the blue color is, the stronger your love is represented.


The Aimitoy rose sex toys are manufactured from medical-grade silicone that is odorless and clean. The smooth material used. The smooth silicone part helps you to achieve the desired sexual needs effectively.

USB Rechargeable

This rose clit sucking vibrator comes with a portable USB charge base that you can charge anywhere, ensuring you enjoy your oral sex pleasure for up to two hours upon charging it.

Seven Intense Sucking Frequencies

The rotating airflow is generated by the vibrator’s internal vibration sucking and teasing the clitoris for faster orgasms. However, you can change your suctions by clicking on the button provided.. Consider using a rose vibrator for your foreplay before sex play with your partner. Apart from the clitoris, you can use the vibrator on other sensual body areas such as the armpits, inner thighs, and breasts.