Best Clit Sucking Vibrators, Clit Sucker Sex Toys

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Vibrating Suction Sex Toys Are the Answer to Your Clitoral Woes

If you're anything like 37% of women who has trouble having an orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, your sex life probably leaves something to be desired. You may have dozens of vibrators that light up in exciting colors, but you're stuck with one or two toys that are super simple and don't do much more than buzz in a basic way. In that case, you should try using a suction vibrator.

How Clitoral Suction Works

Clitoral suction toys create a gentle but persistent suction on your clitoris or labia. This boosts blood flow to your crotch area and increases vaginal lubrication. The result is more and stronger orgasms. Clitoral suction sex toys also come with powerful vibrating functions that hit all of your erogenous zones at once. One of these options is double stimulation: clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. It's like coming in two different ways at once.

The Benefits of Sucking Vibrators

Besides being a hot conversation topic, there's a good reason why so many women are flocking to sucking vibrators. For starters, sucking toys offer unique stimulation that goes above and beyond basic clitoral stimulation – hence their popularity with climax-challenged individuals. Unlike other adult sex toys, these innovative devices don't feature intense motors or thick shafts meant for penetration. Instead, their design features slim tips that double as suckers capable of providing powerful vibrations through an oral sex motion.

Clitoral suction sex toys have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Most modern models are USB rechargeable—a relief for penny-pinching shoppers who'd rather not buy a new battery pack every couple of weeks. So get one of these remote control clitoral suction sex toys, and you can tease yourself all day.

Will A Suction Vibrator Work for Me?

The right sex toy can be the difference between an average orgasm and an amazing one. They're all about combining incredible intensity and pleasure, delivering mind-blowing stimulation for a life-changing experience.

Suction sex toys aren't just for pleasuring your clit; they're great for oral play in general or anywhere else on or in your body where suction creates erotic sensations.

Can You Use a Clit Sucking Vibrator During Sex?

A woman's body is not always primed for sex. Most of us have periods when we just aren't in the mood for intercourse or any kind of penetration, and that can be frustrating if our partners—and society—expect otherwise. However, oral sex becomes an acceptable alternative to vaginal penetration during dry spells for many women. The fleshy texture, warm temperature, and wetness of a mouth make it a better bedfellow than even fingers at times. And when it comes to sucking on your clit, a clit sucking vibrator can help you reach mind-blowing levels of pleasure.


If you've been itching to upgrade your sex life, add some variety, or just get off in general, then it's time to try clitoral suction sex toys. They're the next big thing in pleasure-oriented play, and they're so much fun you'll wonder why it took you so long to hop on the bandwagon. Whether you want to tease and tantalize or get right down to business, these super simple sex toys can do it all while staying discreet and easy to use.