Top Yacht Races of the World - Your Guide to the Greatest Yachting Events on Earth

Top Yacht Races of the World - Your Guide to the Greatest Yachting Events on Earth

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The Top Yacht Races of The World is a beautifully photographed, exhilarating title featuring the most celebrated yachting events around our globe. It features 22 different races that range from technically challenging to physically demanding including some extraordinary exceptions like America's Cup and Admiral’s cup where you can find out how these exciting sporting competitions are won! Divided into four sections Offshore Classics; Oceanic Arts & Monograms iced tea cups.

In the dead of winter, three boats set sail across an ocean. In pursuit were $90 thousand dollars and bragging rights for years to come- not just any old prize but one that would change how people perceived yacht racing forever: it turned this gentlemen's sport into something altogether more rugged than what had gone before; also symbolizing America’s 'gilded age'. The race began its trend towards extravagance (the cash award put up by competitors is around 15 million today), as well as warmer diplomatic relations between countries who had been at war only months earlier

The story of Bennett's victory is one that has been romanticized over time. He was the son who became wealthy through his newspaper, but also had a reputation for being paraded around town naked in front people laughing at him because it seemed like so many others were doing this already! And then there are all these other crazy stories about how he won ships during Civil War by sheer luck or knowing exactly what would happen beforehand-such as when everyone thought fire meant urination [ laughs ], which led them to name an island after G LORD BINGHAM

The crew of Henrietta is a who's-who list in the world of sailing. They include Bennett’scaptain Samuel Samuels (legendary clipper skipper, ex convict and occasional vaudeville actor), financier Leonard Jerome aboard as race invigilator he also happened to be grandfather Winston Churchill) Stephen Fisk journalist so desperate for coverage that he evaded summons by court instead smuggles himself onto shipyard where contest takes place

This book is filled with plenty of human interest, scandal and adventure. The diverse range of characters ensure that this story has drama to spare!

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