Two Tone Baby Shoes Fabric Shoes, Soft High-quality Thick Natural Felt, Handmade

Two Tone Baby Shoes Fabric Shoes, Soft High-quality Thick Natural Felt, Handmade

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Soft and pliable felt is perfect for making baby's first shoes. The type of material you use will be determined by your desired style; avoid synthetic fibers if possible because they can cause irritation to sensitive skin (that includes babies!). For example, purchase high-quality thick natural fabrics in colors that complement each other or even mix it up with fun patterns! You'll only need six inches wide by fifteen long pieces which should provide enough coverage on both sides when put together properly - this makes 2 pairs per set depending upon how tall their feet may grow beforehand

To make your own pattern, simply trace the outline of one foot on paper. The upper piece will be rounded like an upside down "v" with quarters inch added all around for seam allowance and then cut out this shape from fabric following your tracing line exactly so that both pieces match up well when put together correctly - being very careful not to trim away any parts which should remain smooth as they're meant mostly just for outlining purposes anyway! Once done sewing these two components together at home or anywhere else where you have access too good scissors would work equally well

To make a shoe for your little one, measure around the outside of their foot and add an inch for seams. The depth should be just shy enough so that there isn't any bump when you press down on it with all fingers placed side by side in order not to discomfort them but still leave some give where needed most- near toes or heels! Once dimensions are determined, choose between different styles depending upon what look suits YOU best--whether simple yet stylish like flats; delicate decorated sandals ; chic brogues/oxfords etc..

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