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Ladies, are you ready for a little love? A good vibrator can take your sex life from drab to fab. The trick is finding the right type of vibrator for you.

As with most sex toys, vibrators come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and speeds. Some are discreet little numbers that you can tuck into your bedside drawer without anyone knowing; others can provide a powerful, rip-roaring time like you've just met Christian Grey and he's ready to show you his playroom.

Which type of vibrator will take you to new heights? It depends on what you buy.

Vaginal Vibrators

Sometimes called "traditional" or "classic" vibrators, these are used for internal stimulation. They're most often made with a smooth, waterproof silicone, and their shafts can come with all kinds of textures to give you that lovin' feeling. You can also order them with different lengths depending on what you need in a sex toy. Beginners can opt for something smaller while size queens can go full freak!

Clitoral Vibrator

Like their name suggests, these vibrators are made for clitoral stimulation. There are several types:

Wands have a long handle and a large, round head. The head is used to apply powerful vibrations to a targeted area (AKA your sweet spot). The handle usually has buttons or switches to control the vibration modes.

Bullets are small, handheld devices with an elongated bullet shape. They aren't as powerful as other vibes, but they're small, cute, and discreet. They may or may not have multi speed functions and other bells and whistles.

Eggs are a lot like bullets in terms of size, but their shape is rounder, and most are operated via remote control. They can have a lot of variation in terms of speed and strength.

Rabbit Vibrator

The "rabbit" vibrator is a combination tool meant for internal and external stimulation. It usually has a long shaft and head as well as a second, smaller head meant just for the clitoris. The latter is why it's nicknamed after a rabbit since you can sort of squint and see a pair of rabbit ears in its shape.


"Massager" is a rather vague label for vibes; it can be applied to many different kinds. However, the most well-known massagers have a wand shape. You hold it by the shaft and go to town with the head. These vibes are usually designed with multiple functions for speed, intensity, and frequency. Some can even thrust!

Anal Vibrator

Anal vibrators are exactly what they sound like: vibrators for the backdoor. You can also find two-piece "dual stimulation vibrators" meant for vaginal and anal penetration at the same time. Some have double shafts while others have a single front shaft and a string of anal beads or pearls in the rear.

Suction Vibrator

Suction vibrators are meant for clitoral stimulation, but they don't always come in the form of a clitoral vibrator. They can be attached to wands, bullets, massagers, classic vibes, and more. They're often used to simulate oral sex with pulsing and vibrating that will feel like sucking.

Maybe you're trying new things with a partner. Maybe you're of the opinion that self-love is the best love. Maybe you're just looking for a sex toy that will rock your world! Whatever your reasons for wanting a vibrator, here are a few possibilities for a good time.