World of Warcraft, PC Standard Edition, Contains various roles $15.99

World of Warcraft, PC Standard Edition, Contains various roles $15.99

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World of Warcraft is the greatest online role-playing game of all time. The PC Standard Edition allows you to experience everything that the game has to offer, with four expansion packs included and levels 1 through 90 playable. Plus, a 30-day free trial awaits you when you purchase the game! With a subscription required, be sure to hop online and join millions of other players in this epic adventure.

About this item
  • -World of Warcraft is a PC game that contains various roles.
  • -The game includes expansion packs such as The Burnings Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria.
  • -30 days of free game time are included with purchase.
  • -The game takes place across levels 1 through 90.
  • -A subscription and internet connection are required to play World of Warcraft.
  • registration is also required to play the game.
Contains how-to guides for various roles: e.g.
Brewmaster, Mistweaver, Windwalker Monk

Mistweaver Monk Overview
A Mistweaver is a versatile monk specialization, able to heal allies with devastating single-target and AoE abilities, as well as provide powerful buffs and debuffs. Their ability to deal damage is also considerable, making them a significant threat on the battlefield. In addition, they have access to a variety of tools that allow them to control and survive in combat. Above all else, Mistweavers are defined by their mastery of mist. This allows them to not only create it, but also to control its flow and shape it into whatever form they desire. As such, they are able to use it for both defensive and offensive purposes. While not as specialized as other healing classes

Windwalker Monk
Windwalker monk is a melee damage dealer and one of the nine available classes in World of Warcraft. They are incredibly versatile, able to deal large amounts of damage in both single and multiple target situations. They also have a variety of tools at their disposal to help them survive and escape from harmful situations. Windwalkers are a strong choice for both PvE and PvP content.

In PvE content, windwalker monks excel at dealing consistent single target damage as well as burst AOE damage when needed. Their ability to generate high amounts of Chi makes them very efficient at using their skills, and their healing capabilities allow them to self-sustain through tough fights., 

As a Brewmaster Monk, you will be responsible for keeping your allies safe from harm while dishing out plenty of damage yourself. Your main goal in combat will be to control the battlefield with your powerful Crowd Control abilities, while using your high mobility to stay out of harm's way.

In terms of damage dealing, Brewmaster Monks excel at single target damage, and can also put out respectable burst damage when needed. Additionally, you have access to a strong self-healing ability in the form of Chi brew, which can help keep you alive in the heat of battle.

When it comes to tanking, Brewmaster Monks are considered one of the strongest tanks in the game. 

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