Remote Control Vibrators

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Looking for remote control sex toys? You have come to the right place. Here there is a wide variety of vibrators with varying intensity levels and vibration modes. They also come in diverse sizes and shapes, including rabbit style and egg style.

Remote control vibrators have been used by couples in long distance relationships for many years now, but their popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic. You could say that remote control sex toys have finally gone mainstream. It's no surprise why that is. A remote controlled, Bluetooth vibrator allows you to safely have virtual sex with your partner, even if you two are thousands of miles away from each other! In fact, some toys boast that they can function even up to a 4,000 mile distance.

App controlled vibrators are simple to use. All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection and sometimes Bluetooth connectivity. Simply install the app, create an account, set up the settings according to your personal preferences and voila! The vibrator can now be easily controlled by yourself or your partner.

The apps for each remote control vibrator is unique. Some control the vibrations by a touch of a button, while others invite the user to play with the touch screen in other ways. For instance, some control the intensity in response to the speed someone uses while sliding their finger across the screen. In addition, many of these apps contain a built-in chat function for sexting. These days, most app controlled vibrators have both iPhone and Android compatible apps, so it's okay if you and your partner have different types of smartphones.

Have you ever worn a wearable vibrator? These are shaped in such a way that they can be inserted and then worn underneath underwear and other clothes. They are usually designed to function without making any noise so that they can be used discretely, in whatever setting you desire. Depending on the shape, they might target the G-spot, clitoris or both.

One type of Bluetooth vibrator you might be curious about is the bullet style. Bullet vibrators are relatively small and can be used during sex, not just masturbation. They are considered one of the best shapes for clitoral stimulation.

You could also consider suction type vibrators and vibrating panties. The latter are a great option for lingerie lovers.

Sometimes, remote control vibrators can be very weird! There are all kinds of kooky designs and features. Don't have a partner to control it for you? Some vibrators can be hooked up to apps and social media sites for complete strangers to control, if that's something you're into. Others can be synced to audio books, if you enjoy listening to sexy voices. There are even remote control vibrators shaped like marijuana leaves, for the cannabis fans out there. So, if you find yourself feeling bored with typical vibrators, know there are quirkier options out there.

When using a remote control vibrator, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to communicate with your partner. Make sure you understand each other's needs and desires. Next, always fully read the instructions and don't forget to use lube, if necessary. Some vibrators can be damaged if used without lube, so remember to stock up! Keep them well cared for so they last you a long time.