Wand Vibrators

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The Magical World of Wand Vibrators

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are extremely shy, most women, as well as a certain percentage of men are familiar with wand vibrators.

Wand vibrators are powerful allies in a woman's, and in some cases a man's ability to obtain sexual orgasm.

Way back in 1968, a Japanese company Hitachi, produced the first personal massager for sore muscles back in 1968. And shortly afterward, sex educator Betty Dobson popularized the use of the powerful, vibrating wand as the ultimate solution to massaging a woman's erogenous zone, providing the ultimate in spot stimulation, and of course, providing the ultimate in clitoral stimulation.

So What Is a Wand Massager and how does it work?

Unlike smaller sex toys, your basic wand massager, whether we are talking about the original magic wand, or the newer, upgraded motor is much larger than a typical personal vibrator.

A wand vibrator is typically 12 inches long, has a 2 1/4 inch spongy silicone head at the top, and weighs in at around 1.2 pounds.

The secret of a wand massager is the powerful motor built into the shaft of the vibrator, which produces much stronger, more powerful vibrations than a typical vibrator.

The spongy head diversifies these vibrations throughout the head, which is also flexible so that a woman can angle the vibrations just right for her personal pleasure and covers a large, surface area.

The original magic wand was plugin only, which was necessary to activate the powerful, internal motor. Even today, a plugin wand vibrator is generally preferred due to the guarantee that the vibrator will never stop vibrating in the middle of one's erotic activity.

Today, however, there are also upgraded versions of a magic wand as well as competing brands, that are non-wired and USB rechargeable.

Upgraded models today also come with various vibration modes such as the tease mode, the wave mode, the pulse mode, and what the company now calls the cha-cha mode.

In actuality, most women prefer just a basic constant mode, but these options are available.

How to use a wand vibrator for the best results

There are no absolutes here. Each woman (or man for that matter,) needs to experiment for themselves. But here are some general tips.

  • #1. Consider starting at the edges of your clitoral area. If you have never used a magic wand you will be amazed at how strong the vibrations can be. As a result, we suggest you work slowly around the top or the edges of your clitoral hood, rather than going directly for your love button.
  • #2. You may not want to be completely naked. We know, this sounds completely contradictor to the idea of using a vibrator, but sometimes, women, particularly at first, need a little protection in terms of their underwear, or at least a small towel, to mute the vibrations a little.
  • #3. Experiment with the angles of the flexible head. Some women prefer straight up, while some women prefer an angled approach. Take your time, and enjoy learning which works best for you.
  • #4. If you have a partner, work with him or her. There are many sex positions where your partner can enjoy their preferred sexual positions, while you add pressure on your clit area with the massager. And men, also love the feel as well, once they get used to it.
  • #5. Don't apply direct pressure too long. About the only downfall of a magic wand is that you can numb yourself rather than erotically stimulate yourself if you use a magic wand directly on your private parts for 10 minutes or so. Find the sweet spot for yourself, which may take time.

Some tips to keep in mind when using a wand vibrator

The first decision to make is of course, whether to buy a wired or a cordless model.

Most wand aficionados believe there is no substitute for a wand with a vibrator, and there are some models today that come with a long, 9-foot cord.

But some women are bothered by a chord, and therefore choose to buy a wand massager that is USB chargeable. Since they last up to 4 hours, you do not need to worry about your want stopping in the middle of the action.

The question is whether a USB charged wand vibrator is less powerful or not, and whether you would notice. We think not but personally prefer a corded wand.

A second consideration is where you buy it. We recommend that you buy only from a toy company you trust because like any device with a motor, it can conk out. So buy only from those you believe will replace yours within the warranty period to ensure many months of pleasant vibrations.

Also, consider the noise factor. The plain fact is that some are louder than others, so read plenty of reviews to find the best model for you.

Finally, consider the price. A typical magic wand with a chord will cost you around $60 or so, while a cordless model may cost you twice as much.

We believe that spending over $100 for a vibrator is overkill, so we suggest this is another reason to choose one with a chord.